Duo Alambic

Margherita Berlanda Accordion
Nicolò Nigrelli Cello

About Duo

Duo Alambic shows its artistic skills through a wide repertoire that ranges from baroque to contemporary music. The sound peculiarity of the Duo is precisely in the juxtaposition of two apparently distant instruments such as the cello and the accordion: the result is a rich and malleable sound mixture, able to explore both original and ancient repertoire.



This is the very first published recording of these Sonatas by a duo formed by cello and accordion…The two instruments’ timbres merge beautifully with each other. The accordion is able to sustain the sound, thus making the dissonances particularly expressive. Its timbre is also closer to that of the cello than that of the harpsichord to the gamba.
Therefore, the two artists may play on this similarity and difference, highlighting analogies and oppositions when each is needed. The intertwining of subjects, counter subjects and bass is always discernible in a very clear fashion; thanks to this innovative transcription, Bach’s masterpieces are reinterpreted in a modern key.

 Chiara Bertoglio